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Versatile GMP production lines allow flexibility and quality assurance

Jiwa oversees the careful manufacture of each of its medicines and health-care products at Kunming Jida Pharmaceutical Company Limited, its premises in Yunnan Province. Our newly completed manufacturing plant located at the Kunming National Hi-technology Industry Development Zone has a gross floor area of approximately 38,000 sq. meters. Currently, we have 13 GMP production lines which allow production of a wide range of dosage form of medicinces. 

The wide variety of GMP production lines enable us to file new drug application of different dosage forms and be in gear in their production. This allows us to get ahead of our competitors in launching new products.

In recognition of the Group's reputation as a producer of quality medicines that can be wholly relied on, it has received numerous state and provincial awards and certifications, including receipt of the Export Advanced Enterprise, the Certificate of Merit for Technology Demonstration Enterprise, Ten supporting Pharmaceutical manufacturing Enterprise of Yunnan Provincial People's Government and official state recognition as a Foreign Investment Advanced Technology Enterprise.

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