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Strategic R&D Development

Presently the most lucrative part of the China pharmaceutical market is to launch world class new drugs with proven success in developed countries. China SFDA will grant a "survelliance" period for drugs new to China, which translates to a one to five years of exclusivity for the license holder. It is where the group has always focused on. These drugs have already been launched for sometime outside the PRC market; as such, the Group needs not incur huge research and development costs as well as risks of the original inventor.

Jiwa has its own R&D set up for molecular synthesis, chemical development, toxicology and pharmacology experiments, clinical studies, regulatory affairs and scale-up production, catering the whole spectrum of scientific work required to bring to the China market these new drugs.

Jiwa actively promotes collaborations with reputable pharmaceutical research institutes in China, including Pharmaceutical Research Institute, Jiangsu Province, Pharmaceutical Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Science, Yunnan Pharmaceutical Research and Development Institute and Shenyang Hua Tai Pharmaceutical Research Limited, etc. By merging high-level academic research with the work of its own in-house development team, Jiwa has created a platform to effectively expand its range of novel specialties for the next generation. The ability to shorten lead times for product development enables Jiwa to be among the first to launch new and efficacious products in the lucrative pharmaceuticals marketplace.

By harnessing on the experience in developing products with existing molecular formulae, we aim at developing products with our own patents. Drawn from a range of key specializations, the R&D team has wide technical know-how, enabling it to guide products smoothly from conception to distribution.

Over the past decade, the group has developed its own set of specialties in therapeutic categories of antibiotics and anti-bacteria, gastro-intestinial, rheumatology and orthopaedics; as at 31 September 2004, these products accounted for 95% of our total sales. Recently we have also contracted on therapeutic categories of cerebro-cardiovascular and antidepressants we believed these two new categories are of excellent prospect in the PRC market and they will soon contribute significantly to our groups sales.

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