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Developement of Jiwa Group 

Established in 1987, the group has strategically and continuously planning its roadmap in achieving its goal in the ever changing global economy.

Started as a sole agent for European pharmaceutical companies

Started as an agent for a number of European pharmaceutical companies, the group has developed its own sales network and product development teams. Through the years, we have gained experiences in regulatory affairs which turned into our core competitiveness in gaining high success rate in product registration and shorten our production lead time in launching new products

Produced generic drugs at self owned manufacturing plant

In 1993, we started to develop and manufacture pharmaceutical products in our self-owned manufacturing plant located at Yunnan, long a center of excellence for the pharmaceuticals industry and now the starting point for major government development of China¡¦s Western regions.

Since 1993, we have produced a wide range of generic pharmaceutical products with existing molecular formulae, these products have already been launched in Europe with proven records. Our renowned products include a full range of antibiotics, gastro-intestinial, rheumatology and orthopaedics. We also produced over the counter (OTC) drugs and health care products.

Transmission from generic to specialised products

Over the past decade, we have not only sold European drugs, we have gained the experiences and know how in developing our own branded products. Our success is recognized nationwide and in particular in the Yunnan province, we have received a number of awards in recent years in recognising our achievements in management, product development, technology and quality. 

Through the process, we have gained insight in the industry and developed our own set of specialties in therapeutic categories of anti-infectious, gastro-intestinal, musculo-skeletal. In recent years,  we have also concentrated in developing drugs on cerebro-cardiovascular, antidepressants and psychiatric disorders.
Due to our business expansion, we have built a new plant at the Kunming National Hi-technology Industry Development Zone which was completed in 2004. The new complex has a gross floor area of approximately 38,000 sq. meters and 13 GMP production lines.
We are in the transition period  in transmitting us from a generic pharmaceutical company to a specialized pharmaceutical company. We will be focusing on our core therapeutic developments, further promoting our renowned products in each category and prepare to launch a series of new products.

Develop patent products and enter into the international market

Looking ahead, we will continuously strengthen our business in trading and developing drugs with existing molecular formulae in the core therapeutic categories, as well as harnessing on our specialties in developing our own patent products and bulk materials to be exported to the international market.

We have a clear vision and solid development pipeline in upgrading Jiwa¡¦s market position and leading Jiwa to the international market.

Lau Yau Bor

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