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According to the 2004 Research Report of China Antibiotics Market (中國抗生素市場研究報告, 2004), antibiotics is the top selling category in the PRC pharmaceutical market, which accounts for 30% of the total sales.

Amid the anti-infectious drug market, sales of Cephalosporins account for 40% of the total sales. The demand for 3rd generation Cephalosporin increased significantly in 2004, which should be a trend for years to come.

Starting from 2000, in order to contain fiscal spending in medical welfare, the China National Development and Reform Commission has been consistently demanding cut in retail price of antibiotics, the latest being in June 2004 which affected 13 of the Group’s products.. Nevertheless, the anti-infectious market as a whole will continue to record highest pharmaceutical consumption in the foreseeable future.

Over the last decade, Jiwa has built its reputation in the anti-infectious market with its high quality products as well as its competency in providing its customers a full range of  Cephalosporins. Currently, the group is developing Cefepime Dihydrochloride for Injection, Fluconazole Capsules and Aziohromycin Dispersible Tablets which are expected to be launched in 2005-2007.

Key Product

Cefixime Capsules (積大希夫, “Jida Xifu”)

Cefixime Capsule is a 3rd generation oral cephalosporin for which there is a significant increase in demand in the PRC since 2004. It is the top selling oral cephalosporin in the world, only second to Amoxicillin in sales volume.

Cefixime Capsule is featured by its wide range of antibiosis, enzyme-durability, long-lasting and convenience dosage form. It is more active than other oral Cephalosporin in anti bacteria. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and World Health Organisation have recommended Cefixime Capsule, which is very effective in urinary and respiratory diseases, as the best drug for gonorrhea.

Cefixime capsule is enlisted in the latest China National Social Security Reimbursement Drug List, which will drastically increase its consumption in the PRC.

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