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According to the Southern Medicine and Economic Research Institution (南方醫藥經濟研究所), sales of gastro-intestinal drugs in the PRC accounted for 16.27% of all OTC drugs in the first half of 2002, which is the second largest category following the anti-infectious drugs; of which, peptic ulcer drugs accounted for 59%. Major drugs for treating peptic ulcer are proton pump inhibitors, H2-receptor antagonists, antacid and gastro-protective drugs, which accounted for 56.61%, 25.11% and 20.28% of the market respectively.

According to the Ministry of Public Health (衛生局) and the Beijing Center for Disease Control and Prevention (北京疾病預防控制中心), there are currently 1.4 million people suffered from acute hepatitis in the PRC. Drugs for treating hepatitis are divided into three categories as anti-viral, immuno-stimulating and hepatic protection. Prescription sales of hepatitis drugs in 2003 amounted to RMB3.77 billion, 5.5% of total hospital spending on drugs.

Key Product

Reduced Glutathione for Injection (古拉定, 松泰斯, “Gluthion & Song Taisi”)

Reduced Glutathione is a tri-peptide compound which is found widely in human cells. It participates in the cellular transportation of amino acid, glucose metabolism and the modulation of DNA synthesis, and also plays important role in the elimination of oxidized radicals and the protection of cell damages caused by extracellular toxics. It is widely administered in the treatment of hepatic injuries of viral or other causes, hypoxemia, and conjuvant in chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

In January 2004, the group has obtained approval from the China National Development and Reform Commission to increase the nationwide retail price by 7%. The approval of increase in price is an evident in proving the higher quality and success of this prime product.

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